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Miniature Forums and Member-Created Galleries

Probably the fastest growing miniature painting website. There are so many premiere painters and their miniatures on this website that it’s staggering. I go every day to check the recent “Top 10” images. You can check here to see the reviews of my submitted miniatures.

Terry Adams has made it his mission to compile all the miniature news and make it easily accessible to visitors to his site. His updates are convenient and timely, and provide a much needed service for the rapidly growing miniature painting community.

Yahoo’s Mini Painter Group
This is a primary forum for some of the best miniature painters on the web. There’s loads of activity here and is unquestionably the place to go to get your mini painting query answered.

Yahoo’s Masterclass Miniature Painter Group
Not as popular as the Mini Painter group above, but still worthwhile as the home of the monthly “Golden Toadstool” painting competition. Participate each month if you are interested in spirited, yet friendly, competition.

Online Miniature Stores

Great selection of minis here, and the service is bar-none the best. Also one of the few places where GW products can still be had. My current source for GW. Highly recommended.

This is a great online store for minis. Carries Confrontation, Reaper, Celtos, Dark Ages, Vallejo and others. Has pictures for most everything and accepts Paypal as well (yay!). Based on the east coast. Smaller selection.

Large selection of miniatures here, usually in stock and their prices are reasonable. Their line of Confrontation miniatures, in particular is very comprehensive. My preferred source for Confrontation minis.

I’ve never actually ordered from here, but their selection is huge and prices fairly reasonable. If it’s a particularly hard to find mini you need, consider searching here.

The official Reaper online store. Obviously, they carry only Reaper, but they do have nearly every one ever produced. If you can’t find the figure you need for a discount at one of the places above then check out this website (or go there first to find the miniatures you like).

Honestly, I would never order from here. Retail prices on already expensive figures + hefty shipping is not a cheap choice for buying minis. They do however have most every Citadel miniature ever put out, as well as all of the individual “bitz” that make them up (only way to get the bitz other than at a GamesDay).

Fellow Painters

C.J. Cumming’s website – includes several comprehensive and useful tutorials and Demon quality minis (winners included!).

Dr. Faust’s Painting Clinic has been around for ages and has tons of great features. Go there.

Homepage of the talented and friendly Canadian painter Jarrett Lee. Possibly the most frequently updated mini site out there.

German painter Drik Stiller’s website. Includes some fantastic minis as well as tips on painting, sculpting and photography.

Homepage of Inge a.k.a “Jenova.” Check out her unique style! I borrowed my “Newest Mini” thumbnail from her website.

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