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  Welcome to the Galleries! Miniatures are divided into categories based on manufacturer. The selected thumbnails on this page are my current favorite miniatures from each respective company. To view all of the painted miniatures in a particular gallery, click on the manufacturer’s name or the “view more” link. Enjoy!


Games-Workshop Sci-Fi (27)
Games-Workshop is the big name in gaming miniatures, and their widespread marketing has helped to promote the hobby around the world. They’ve created a massive lore to explain their line of Sci-Fi miniatures, complete with races such as the brutish “Orks”, elegant yet deadly “Eldar” and the majestic “Space Marines.”
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Games-Workshop Fantasy (22)
Games-Workshop has done a great job of bringing to life the folklore and fairytales of Old England and the rest of Europe in their fantasy line of miniatures. These figures were the first to completely captivate my attention as a kid, and are mostly responsible for my continued interest in the hobby.
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Rackham Confrontation (28)
The French company Rackham is a relative newcomer in the miniature gaming hobby. Their “sculpts” are stylized and unorthodox, but this only adds to the appeal of their miniatures. They were also one of the first companies to use non-metallic metal painting techniques exclusively on their in-house figures, which later developed into a strong trend in miniature painting.
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Privateer Press (7)
Co-launched by a painting god and inspirational figure to many a reader of White Dwarf magazine, Mike McVey’s Privateer Press is growing popular with well-sculpted, dynamic minis. Privateer’s WarMachine line combines the best of robotic, futuristic scifi with elements of classic fantasy. These minis are rewarding to paint, especially when they’re made to be dirty and realistic.
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Reaper Miniatures (32)
Reaper Miniatures encompass a wide range of 500+ figurines. The company sculptors are given seemingly total creative control, which means that every figure is created to represent a completely unique character (this is what makes them enjoyable to paint).
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Other Manufacturers (4)
This is the space for miniatures which don’t fit anywhere else. There are plenty of great emerging miniature manufacturers, and this gallery includes sculpts from Ilyad Games.