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Monday, 1/15/07 I just finished a squad of Ilyanden swooping hawks along with an exarch. These are a commission for the same buyer of the autarch, farseer and Wraithlord. I really enjoy painting the eldar as they are some of GW’s original great sculpts – very unique and with lots of character. I hope to paint more soon! Thanks for your emails and support from 918kiss app & scr888 download of online casino malaysia and look for more updates soon..

Wednesday, 1/3/07  The wood elf lord is in the Fantasy galleries – check him out! I’m going full steam on commissions, so if you are interested then be sure to check out myCommission Work page for info on contract work.

Sunday, 12/31/06  I added a section to the Tips Page on converting Broadside battlesuits for my Tau army. I’ve got some more eldar commissions and a Wood Elf character coming up soon, so stay tuned!!

Sunday, 12/24/06  Just finished the last of the the Eldar – a farseer in yellow and blue this time. Merry Christmas everyone!!

Thursday, 12/21/06  I finished an Ilyanden Autarch for the GW galleries. I love this figure – the pose is awesome and made it loads of fun to paint. I can’t wait for the farseer!

Monday, 12/18/06  I just added an Eldar Wraithlord to the galleries. I also updated the Tau page with some pictures of converted broadside battlesuits (yet to be converted), as well as some final pictures of the stealthsuits, drones and crisis suits with bases, banners, etc.

Monday, 12/11/06  I’ve been working on my Tau army alot lately. I finished 3 more crisis battlesuits minus the banners and have converted 3 broadsides with unique weapon positions when playing at malaysia casino. I have some Eldar commissions to complete first, but I will try to take pictures of the new Tau stuff soon. The Orc boss on foot auction fell through (non-paying bidder), so I’ve listed him at a very reasonable price on the For Sale page.

Friday, 12/1/06  HORRIBLE NEWS!! It turns out my email forwarder hasn’t been working for at least the past several months, and that every email sent to me via the website was lost!! If you recently sent me an email and never heard back I promise I wasn’t ignoring you – please try it again! Oh well, if it isn’t one thing it’s another with these websites..
On the bright side I have done a little more work to the Tau on finishing touches – the sort of stuff not worth posting individual pictures of on the Tau page but which will really add to the final army. This week I have done weathering, banners, some decals, squad insignia and a few painting details which I neglected before. I’m planning another army and I think I want to do either a Helion legion SM army or a Dark Angels Deathwing army. The problem with the first is that there are too many minis to paint and the second has a really bad standard color scheme!